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    AC & DC Loadbanks and Datacentre Heatload Server Simulators

    DCA EF

Hillstone are industry specialists in the design & manufacture of AC & DC load banks.

We support global sales from established UK sales & manufacturing and regional Middle East sales office in Dubai UAE from Hillstone Middle East

DC Loadbanks
  • HPBL - 25kW - DC Load bank
  • HPBL - 30kW - DC Load bank
  • HPBL - 60kW - DC Load bank
  • HBN - DC Load Bank
  • DC - Varicon

AC Loadbanks
  • Portable - HAC Load Banks
  • Automatic Load Shedding
  • Vertical - HACV Load Banks
  • Horizontal - HAC Load Banks
  • Horizontal - HACM Load banks
  • AC - Loadview


Battery, UPS & Generator Load Banks

Hillstone design & manufacture load banks for AC - UPS & Genset testing and DC - standby battery & lithum ion discharge testing, from our UK factory since 1989.

Our global presence includes the UK sales office & rental depot and our Hillstone Middle East sales office in Dubai, UAE.

DC Load Banks

Hillstone HPBL compact DC loadbank solution [PDF_rev0.3]


Lightweight, hand carry, suitcase design

The HPBL compact DC automatic constant current discharge solution

Voltage range : 48V, 120V, 240V, 480V DC

Current ratings: up to 200A




  • Battery Fuse connection box & fully rated 3m cable set

  • BattLife software app - low cost annual user subscription

  • Travel flight case - optional

  • Prices subjected to Hillstone Terms of Sale

    HeatLoad Server Loadbanks

    Hillstone Datacentre loadbanks have been used extensively across the world by commissioning teams to perform independent verification of Datacentre Calibration, Heat Load Testing, CFD Modeling, Integrated System Testing and support of Tier Certifications.

    Our range of datacentre heat load solutions are designed to emulate ASHRAE TC9.9 recommendations of operating IT equipment at higher ambient temperatures to reduce the running costs of datacentre cooling systems.

    The available load banks include 19" rack mounted 4U & 6U server simulators, 20KW portable mini towers and 110KW 400V PDU loadbanks which allow synchronised controls from a single remote hand held controller.

    Why does the HAC230-6RM heat load server simulator loadbank remains the choice of mission critical experts? 8RM

    Since 2010 we have manufactured over 40MW of our 6kW 4U 19” rack load banks to customers across the world.

    The NEW 9kW-8U HAC230-8RM is a high powered sever simulator which delivers a low delta T of 11oC against a typical server performance of 2100cm/h released Qtr3 2018

    AC & DC Rental Load banks

    Hillstone’s UK Loadbank Rental Service offers:

    News Feeds
    • 2017 - 2018 Hillstone News

      Commisioning large scale hyper datacentres requires specialist load banks which Hillstone have designed and manufactured for Europes largest datacentre.

      We have established dedicated production lines for specially designed low DT load banks, rack mounted server simulators and floor standing heatload load banks from our UK factories.

    • 2005 to 2018
      ISO 9001 Hillstone have continued to implement ISO9001 Quality Assurance and now operate under the 2015 standard.

    • 2016 to 2018
      Data Centre Alliance Hillstone continue to support as a Corporate Partner membership of the Datacentre Alliance.
    • 2016 to 2018
      European Code of Conduct for Datacentres

      Hillstone are an endorser to the European Code of Conduct for Datacentres with the ability to issue datacentre calibration reports under IST testing services focused on reducing energy useage and creating energy efficient operations.

      Endorsement Letter

      EU Profile
    • Applications

      Load banks are used for testing:

      - Battery systems
      - UPS systems
      - Fuel cells
      - HVAC systems
      - Generators
    • Industries

      Load banks are used in sectors such as:

      - Oil and Gas
      - Power Generation
      - Petro-Chem
      - Telecoms
      - Data Centers

    Raise an enquiry for best pricing -landline- +44 (0) 161 763 3100

    Application Note 1
    Regular load bank testing of generators provides an essential health check service to prevent diesel engine failure due to wet stacking. Wet stacking occurs due to under loading of the genset which results in wet un-burned fuel building up in the engine. This fuel build up will over time line the combustion chamber cylinders and cause a reduction of the engines rating and efficiency which will ultimately cause premature failure of the generator. Running the generator on load of 50% - 100% of the genset rating will allow the engine to reach the recommend operating temperature, which will burn off the choke deposits.

    Application Note 2
    Battery Discharge testing is the approved method to determine the capacity of Lead acid and (Nickel Cadmium) Ni Cad/Ni Cd batteries, as recommended by all battery manufacturers such as Enersys, Exide, C&D Technologies, Hawker, Yuasa, Exide, Hoppecke, Saft, Varta, and in accordance to BS6290 part 4 / IEC TR 62060.