AC Loadbank Rental

 Hire - AC loadbanks

The AC Rental Fleet is centralised from our depot in Bury, England, UK.

The portable AC single & three phase Load Banks are available to support UPS and genset testing and we hold ratings from 10kW to 200kW

The 100kW & 200kW load banks utilize our intelligent hand held controller to give flexible parallel control of multiple units to give testing of larger sized UPS & Gensets

Hillstone load bank rental team cover UK and Europe and can assist with on-site testing subject to availability

Please contact our UK Rental Team to provide your next load bank rental +44 (0) 161 763 3100

    Load bank
    HAC240-15 240V 1ph 15kW
    HAC415-19 415V 3ph
    240V 1ph
    19kW on 3ph
    6.3kW on 1ph
    HAC415-21 415V 3ph
    240V 1ph
    21kW on 3ph
    7kW on 1ph
    HAC415-30 415V 3ph
    240V 1ph
    30kW on 3ph
    10kW on 1ph
    HACM415-35 415V 3ph 38kW
    HAC415-40 415V 3ph
    240V 1ph
    39kW on 3ph
    13kW on 1ph
    HAC415-60 415V 3ph 62kW
    HAC415-90 415V 3ph 90kW
    HAC415-100 415V 3ph 107KW
    HAC240/415-100 415V 3ph
    240V 1ph
    107kW on 3ph
    107kW on 1ph
    HAC415-200 415V 3ph 215KW

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