DC Loadbank Rental

 Hire - DC loadbanks

 Hire - DC loadbanks

Hillstone DC load bank rental fleet offers a large range of DC load banks from our rental depot in Bury, England, UK.

With units ranging from 12V to 600VDC, we can cover all your battery testing requirements, supported with available expert advise.

The range of DC load banks include: manual switch control and automatic Varicon constant current load banks.

Hillstone load bank rental team covers UK and Europe

Please contact our UK Rental Team to provide your next load bank rental +44 (0) 161 763 3100

    Load bank
    HBN30-100 10V-30V 100A
    HBN30-200 10V-30V 200A
    HBN30-600 10V-30V 600A
    HBN60-300 21V-60V 300A
    HBN60-600 21V-60V 600A
    HBN130-350 130V 350A
    HLB60-120-17 60V-120V 290A-147A
    HLB60-120-18 60V-120V 300A-150A
    HLB120-240-52 130V-260V 400A-200A
    HLB140-300 140V 330A
    HAV260-15 48V-260V 115A
    HLB260-33 260V 129A
    HPBL-M-240-480-52 260V - 520V 223A - 111A
    HLD240-480-100 260V-520V 220A
    HLB270-540-52 270V-540V 200A-100A
    HLB400-56 416V 148A
    HLB600-55 600V 55A