Datacentre Calibration

Datacentre Calibration - Predictive Modeling of The Datahall Environment

    Datacentre Calibration, from Hillstone, is a natural evolution of Integrated System Testing for datacentre operators wanting to control the carbon footprint of the datahall.

    Datacentre Calibration - CFD Modeling

    The calibration service gives the facility management team the “energy performance criteria” tools, post project transfer to operations, to maintain design efficiency during day to day operations.

    Hillstone have invested in the Future Facilities 6Sigma CFD modeling software, to create a datahall model to visualise the operating performance of the datahall during the IST commissioning test.

    Within the commissioning report the presentation of running operational room models are given for the completed testing scenarios representing how the datahall actually operates.

    Datacentre Calibration - Cold Aisle

    The authenticity of the report is verified from the collated electrical and environmental data obtained during the IST to provide future reference comparisons as the datahall evolves from initial IT deployment to full occupancy.

    Hillstone have designed an Environmental Acquisition Data System to wirelessly collate from an array of sensors the real time temperature & humidity and electrical power readings across the data hall. This data is presented within the created commissioning report to collaborate the performance of the datahall at every stage of the IST.

    The Hillstone Datacentre Calibration Service is available worldwide via a network of appointed partners. Please contact the Hillstone Sales office for further details.

Application Notes

Application Notes

Application Notes