Datacentre Loadbank Rental

Close up of HAC240-6RM
HAC400-110 PX & HAC230-6RM

The Hillstone Datacentre load bank hire fleet offers an expandable rental service to support your data room commissioning projects.

We can offer specific specialist server simulators and heatload load banks on a standard rental basis to onsite installation and removal.

Over the past 15 years we have gained a lot of experience in delivering full IST commissioning and have testing scripts available subject to request.

Available load banks include:


HMT 20 - Mini Tower


    Loadbank type
    4U 19" Rack mount 230V 1ph 6.66kW
    HMT 20 - Mini Tower 230V 1ph
    400V 3ph
    Hyperscale 100kW 415V 3ph 120kW
    Hyperscale 200kW 415V 3ph 200kW

Application Notes

Application Notes

Application Notes

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